1:1 Coaching

During your session, I will use my Intuition to tune into your energy. My superpower allows me to see exactly what age you became blocked and why. We’ll work together to understand how it’s affecting your life, and THEN I’ll show you how to release it once and for all so you can get where you want to be faster. Pretty cool, right?

Life is all about choices! Your healing is ultimately up to you. You can choose to live your life on hold with the slow route or choose the fast route and clear the blocks that are stopping you!

All sessions are done over the phone.
I’ll call you.

Coaching Packages

1 Session

  • Need direction in your life.
  • Looking to “test the waters.”
  • Even if you feel you need more sessions but can’t afford a package, 1 is a great foundation.
  • We all have to start somewhere

5 Sessions

  • You know you need a change, just not sure how deeply rooted your beliefs are.
  • Multiple sessions allow me to truly know your default programming.
  • Far more effective having repeat sessions.

10 Sessions

  • Ready to start on the path to a life you love?
  • With 10 Sessions, we are able to fully dig in deep and clear the path to reach your goals. More time allows for fine tuning and more refinements.
  • Our 1-on-1 Sessions become more personal as I am able to help you make the most profound transformation of your life.