Here’s a fact you can take to the bank: cash helps you live a better life.

Think about it: with a cushion of cash, you’re not just swiping your card for a mochaccino or treating yourself to those concert tickets on a whim. Oh no, it’s way more exhilarating than that!

We’re talking about living with less stress because bills aren’t daunting. We’re talking spontaneous adventures because ‘why not?’ and shopping trips without that lingering buyer’s remorse. And yes, it’s also about the serenity of a secured future.

But here’s the million-dollar question:

How do you GET cash—without sacrificing your sleep, sanity, or soul?

It’s tempting to dive deep into the endless hustle, pick up side gigs, and yes, even spend those late nights searching for the secret sauce to riches online.

But what if there was a more intuitive way? A path less about exhaustion and more about alignment with your core self?

That’s the journey I’m inviting you to embark on during CASH CREATOR.

CASH CREATOR is an outrageously fun, mind-bendingly insightful, and action-packed way to learn + practice a process for manifesting cash + abundance.

This live, 4-day challenge is all about real-world strategies and clear steps toward abundance.

We’re diving deep, pushing you to take bold leaps, and creating a space where your financial goals go from “someday” wishes to “heck yes, I did that!” achievements.

Why CASH CREATOR is unlike any other challenge out there:

  • Dynamic Learning: Each day of the challenge has been designed to be engaging and fun. Clearing money blocks and manifesting cash ARE fun, and I’ll show you how.
  • Exclusive Resources: The daily playbooks, live sessions, and special exercises will help you supercharge your manifestation abilities.
  • Collaborative Spirit: You’re not alone! Share insights, get feedback, and grow alongside a community of go-getters.
  • Daily prizes: Yes! If you show up and do the work each day, you’ll have the opportunity to win prizes!

✨ But here’s the real gold of CASH CREATOR…✨

You’ll have live, 4-day access to me, Cindy Brown!

This is what makes CASH CREATOR so special. You’ll have me—an Intuitive Wealth and Abundance Coach who’s done 26,000+ individual clearing sessions—right there with you, every day.

Daily live group energy clearings

I’ll be hopping on Facebook Live to tap into and raise the group’s vibration every. single. day. of the challenge.

I’ll use my intuition to detect the money blocks coming up for the group and clear them on the spot.

No pre-recorded fluff, no impersonal scripts. This is real, dynamic, and tailored to the group’s energy each day. You’ll be able to make so much more progress without the gunk slowing you down.

✨ Your questions, answered

While you’re doing this deep, transformative work on yourself, you will inevitably have questions pop up. I don’t want these questions getting in the way of your progress!

That’s why I’ll be reading and responding to your Facebook comments and questions. Having direct access to an expert like me, in real-time, is like getting a VIP backstage pass to wealth and abundance manifestation.

✨ LIVE group video Q+A session with Cindy (Premium tier only)✨

If you sign up for CASH CREATOR Premium, you’ll be able to join a LIVE video Q+A with me! Get live answers to your questions and energy clearing just for you.

Unlock access to world-class wealth and abundance coaching for a fraction of the usual price. The session takes place August 16, 2023 at 8pm Central time. (Can’t make it live? No problem! Submit your questions ahead of time and catch the replay.)

It’s this live, interactive factor that sets CASH CREATOR apart from other challenges. How much closer do you think you could get to abundance with this level of support?

See what Cash Creators have manifested during past challenges!

This is how we do it 👇

Here’s what to expect August 14-17!

All 4 days of CASH CREATOR take place inside a private Facebook group specifically dedicated to the challenge.

This is what happens every day:

  • You’ll receive a playbook tailored to that day’s goal—and you can complete it whenever you want.
  • I’ll join the group on a Facebook Live and use my intuition to tap into the group’s energy and clear the money blocks coming up for the group.
  • Can’t make it live? No problem, the replay will be available.
  • You’ll have the chance to win one of the daily prizes!
  • All told, you’ll only need to spend about 45 minutes per day on Challenge activities.

August 14th: Connect + Clear

Before we get to do the fun, cash-creating stuff—we have to get you ready for it. (You wouldn’t cook dinner in a dirty kitchen, right?) You’ll discover how to connect to your highest vibration and clear out the old dirty energy that’s gumming up the works.

August 15th: Choose + Create

We’ll tackle how to shift from making money-draining choices to making money-making choices. This is a key skill for successful manifestors.

August 16th: Gifts + Talents

Now that you’ve cleared the blocks and started making money-making choices—it’s time to explore all your money-making avenues. This day will really open your eyes to all the opportunities around you.

**LIVE group video Q+A with Cindy at 8pm—only available to Premium Tier ticket holders! Get live answers to your questions and clearing just for you.**

August 17th: Questions + Action

What’s the #1 habit of highly successful people? No, it’s not getting up early or reading self-help books. It’s asking profitable questions so you can take guided action each day.

Meet your host: the Intuitive Wealth and Abundance coach who’s unlocked abundance in 26,000+ one-on-one sessions (and counting!)

Hey there, soon-to-be cash creator! I’m Cindy Brown, and I’m not just here to lead this challenge—I’m here to infuse every moment of it with my intuition and experience.

My style is direct, loving, and no fluff. So in that spirit, here’s my highlight reel:

✨ I’ve led over 26,000 personal sessions with people who were DONE with the excuses, stories, and old programming that were holding them back.

✨ Using my intuition, I can detect in 2 seconds what a client’s “deal” is…and then we clear and transmute across all time, space, dimensions, and realities. I’ll be harnessing that intuition for the collective benefit of the group, identifying general blocks and patterns, and working to clear them.

✨ I firmly believe that the first step to cultivating wealth and abundance is to identify and release the layers of old beliefs, blocks, and patterns you’ve unconsciously held onto since before you were 7 years old. Addressing and releasing these is crucial!

Imagine getting guidance from someone who’s helped countless people navigate the journey to wealth and abundance. That’s what awaits you in CASH CREATOR.

So, as we embark on this journey, know this: I’m not just the creator of CASH CREATOR; I’m its heartbeat. Ready to feel the pulse and transform your financial destiny?

How to know if CASH CREATOR is perfect for you…

Who this is for:

  • Dreamers turned doers: Those who have big financial aspirations but need a solid plan to turn those dreams into realities.
  • Go-getters stuck in a rut: You’ve tried the traditional routes to financial success but need something more tailored to you.
  • Anyone seeking clarity: If the myriad of money-making advice out there has you overwhelmed, this is your chance to get clear, actionable steps.

Who this is NOT for:

  • Looking for one-on-one support? CASH CREATOR is a live, group-based challenge. If you’re looking for individual support, I do offer individual coaching packages on my website—but to be clear, individual coaching is not available through the challenge.
  • Hoping for a quick fix? This challenge is all about authentic strategies and real effort. We’re after lasting abundance, not momentary magic tricks.
  • Not ready to go all in? Participation is key. If dedicating yourself for all 4 days sounds tough, this might not be your jam.

Start manifesting cash + abundance in the CASH CREATOR Challenge!

You’ll love the outrageously fun, mind-bendingly insightful, and action-packed experience inside this 4-day, live Challenge experience.

Pick one of these 2 exciting options for joining us:

Cash Creator Premium

One-time payment of $37

LIVE group video Q+A with Cindy! Get live answers to your questions + clearing just for you. August 16th at 8pm Central time (replay available; value $97)

✔ 4 days of guided action steps (includes playbooks) (value: $47)

✔ 4 daily group clearing sessions with Cindy (value $97)

✔ Exclusive access to the CASH CREATOR Facebook group (value $53)

Value: $294—yours for only $37!

Cash Creator

One-time payment of $27

LIVE group video Q+A with Cindy! Get live answers to your questions + clearing just for you. August 16th at 8pm Central time (replay available; value $97)

✔ 4 days of guided action steps (includes playbooks) (value:$47 )

✔ 4 daily group clearing sessions with Cindy (value 97)

✔ Exclusive access to the CASH CREATOR Facebook group (value $53)

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How much time do I need to set aside for the Challenge every day?

At a minimum, you’ll spend about 45 minutes each day on the Challenge. That includes the 15-minute Facebook live with me, about 15 minutes completing the playbook, and 15 minutes completing the action step. Of course, the more you put into it—the more you’ll get out of it.

+ What if I miss one of the Facebook lives?

No problem—you can always catch the replay when you have time.

+ I want to join Cindy for the LIVE group video Q+A! How do I get access? When is it? What if I can’t make it?

The LIVE group video Q+A is only available to people who enroll in CASH CREATOR Premium. It will be held August 16th, 2023, at 8pm Central time on a GoToWebinar. If you can’t make it live, no worries! Submit your questions ahead of time and catch the replay (it will be sent the next day, August 17th).

+ What if I fall behind?

You can’t fall behind in CASH CREATOR! While you will make the most progress if you keep pace with us…I know life can get in the way. The Facebook group will be open until September 8th; after that it will be archived. (You’ll be able to access the group, you just won’t be able to post new content.)

+ Is there a money-back guarantee?

When you join CASH CREATOR, you get live access to me and my expert guidance, 4 daily clearing sessions, 4 days of challenge steps (and playbooks), and an exclusive and supportive Facebook group with other eager manifesters. That’s a combined value of $$$$ for only $27 (or $37 if you choose the option with the live group Q+A). For this reason, there are no refunds.

Cash + abundance are out there

waiting for you!

Will this be the month you start manifesting them?