Launching in 2022

Can you believe 2022 is just around the corner? There’s no better time to realign, reset and refocus. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our much anticipated Infinite Abundance Academy – a virtual academy for intentional living.

Kicking off in January, this Academy includes challenges, in-depth courses and monthly masterclasses to help you get UNSTUCK, build your WEALTH and be BOLD in your business.


5-Day Wealth and Abundance Challenge!

Challenge Dates: January 10-14, 2022

If you’re ready to start building true wealth and achieve the lifestyle of your dreams, I have something for you!

Your abundance starts with a choice to receive it. Your wealth happens through your actions.

If you’re someone who feels the drive to create more freedom, more wealth, and more opportunities,

And you just need a little push to get you started…

You’re in the right place!

I put together this NEW 5-Day Wealth & Abundance Challenge to kickstart your wealth creation and get you moving in the right direction.

Here’s a quick look at what’s happening when you join the challenge:

You’re going to gain clarity on what obstacles are currently stopping you from reaching your target 🎯

You’re going to shift your perspective and beliefs regarding how you create wealth and get to the root cause of why your abundance is limited

You’re going to strategize and learn how to easily implement your plan for wealth creation into your regular life through your daily habits.

This is an easy 5 Day Challenge designed to keep you accountable for taking real steps towards your money goals.

My expertise is guiding you towards clearing your wealth and abundance blocks. You have goals you want to accomplish, a life you want to build, and the wealth you want to create.

Once we clear your blocks and release that stuck energy, you’ll be ready to build the wealth you desire.

Challenge includes:

  • Private FB group where I’ll answer your questions and keep you on track
  • Daily 30-minute FB Live group clearings to keep you accountable and focused on your target for the challenge + an mp3 recording of the lives.
  • Fun, engaging prompts and posts full of love and motivation to keep you on track and moving forward
  • What’s a challenge without Daily prizes? Are you in it to win it?
  • Bonus 45 minute Q & A with me where you can ask your questions and get insight on your own personal situation or issue.
  • PDF Playbook with plenty of space to write out your thoughts and plans so that you can keep track of everything in one place, from the clearing statements to the action plan!

Wealth Builder: Living in a State of Abundance

What does wealth mean to you? Is it satisfaction in your career, financial success or just having the freedom of time to focus on what matters? Let’s dig into this multi-dimensional topic and identify what’s blocking you so you can live a life of abundance beyond your wildest dreams!

January 10-14: 5-Day Wealth & Abundance Challenge!

Kickstart your wealth creation strategies designed to get you moving forward towards your financial goals in the quickest way possible.

January 21-March 18: 8-Week Wealth Builder: Are you wanting to create a more abundant, higher quality of life… one with more freedom and a bigger bank account that will afford you all of life’s opportunities?

Do you want more money, but you’re tired of putting your time, energy, and talents towards someone else’s dreams according to their plan?

Are you looking for a real change in your life but it’s just not happening on its own?

Your biggest barrier standing between you and your wealth creation is your belief system.

That’s why I created this 8-Week Wealth Builder program. This program helps you take charge of your own wealth based on your personal vision for how you could live, what you really desire, and who you actually want to be.

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The Infinite Abundance Academy

Infinite Abundance Academy – Monthly Webinar Masterclass Series – ON SALE NOW!

January 20-Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series: Keep your actions aligned with your ultimate abundance target by attending my monthly Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series. Let’s blast away any abundance-blocking junk that gets in your way while becoming the kickass, wealth-creator that you are!

Are you ready to become the best version of you?

Confident, empowered and financially free… You are worthy of a truly abundant life.

To Learn More About the Masterclass CLICK HERE!