Hey Coaches!

As a coach, you strive to bring your message to the world and provide your services to a bigger audience … but often feel overwhelmed and stuck with all the admin tasks, setting up a website, and worrying about how to get clients.

When starting up a business, it can be tough to know how to begin and find the right techniques and strategies so your business can grow with a solid foundation.

You feel yourself slowly losing passion and enthusiasm. You still haven’t figured out how to make your goal of growing your business and creating a fulfilling coaching career a reality.

You know you’re an excellent coach and you will make a difference in people’s LIVES. The challenge of becoming an entrepreneur can really start to feel all too much.

It’s difficult to sift through all the BS and find the right advice and support you need to have a successful business without investing too much time, too much energy, and too much money.

If you’re ready to stop struggling and finally start THRIVING in your coaching business,

Then you’ve come to the right place!

You see, so many coaches get overwhelmed by the amount of strategies, tools and tactics out there.

It’s no wonder you’re frustrated and feeling stuck!

What you really need is a program that can guide you through the basics of building a successful business and give you the CLARITY and FREEDOM to make decisions based on intuition as you grow.

I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of other business building products out there, but they all lack one essential element – CLARITY.

You need to be able to confidently make decisions and know they are the right ones for YOUR business.

That’s why I’m so excited to be opening the doors … for THE ONLY TIME THIS YEARto my intuition-enhancing Business Builder for Coaches program!!

It’s a 5-week group coaching program for coaches to learn business basics, how to use their intuition effectively while growing their business, and clear the abundance blocks that hold you back.

What makes this program unique is that in each session, you’ll receive step-by-step guidance as you develop your own business and also discover how to get clear on your authentic message and increase your confidence. This program is tailored to YOUR specific intuitive needs, you’ll be able to access your true voice and speak from it to attract more clients.

It’s time to release all that internet chatter and tune into what’s right for you. Afterall you are an amazing intuitive, am I right?

In this 5 Week Business Builder Program you’ll learn:

✨ Week 1: Who you are, who you help and the energy behind it!

✨Week 2: Group programs / 1:1 / Both: Become crystal clear on your business model!

✨Week 3: Pricing and Packages: What’s your offer? Does Your vibration match?

✨Week 4: Energy Practices: Coaching 1:1, group and programs!

✨Week 5: Communication: The right communication plan for YOUR Business!

I’ve had SO many successful coaches testify to the results they’ve seen after taking the program.

“The Business Builder course with Cindy Brown is one of the most succinct and well directed courses I have participated in. I give it a 15/10 rating! The course work is expertly compiled and really easy to follow. It is beyond priceless to have direct access to one of the best coaches on planet earth at this moment in time and be able to get a first-hand insight into what has and hasn’t worked in her journey together with discovering the exact tools I need to find my own unique way. I found the course work to be a lovely balance between being challenging as well as manageable. The way in which the course has been designed allowed me to develop new, potent and more direct ways to do clearing and invite new possibilities in. I also significantly expanded the way in which I structure the questions I now ask. I loved every second of it! A great pace with consistent help and support. Cindy is sincere, present and practical. She shares openly and freely and is really connected to the group’s progress.”

~ Michelle Wastie ~

What’s included?

👉 Weekly Video / Audio

👉 Playbook

👉 Q and A Weekly.

👉 Private FB group where you can ask questions and receive help from me!

👉 FB lives when I feel you need it. :)

👉 Energized group energy, support and accountability

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If you sign up before Feb 17, it’s only $1799 AND you get 2 AMAZING bonuses!

🔥 Bonus masterclass “Brains, Beauty, and Business: Yes! You Can Have It All! (Value $97)

🔥100 Business and Content Clearings (Value $150)

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So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your doubts stand in the way of financial freedom.

Join the Business Builder program now and take a step closer to becoming a successful business coach.