What’s Coming Up?

Can you believe it’s already 2022? There’s no better time to realign, reset and refocus. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our much anticipated Infinite Abundance Academy – a virtual academy for intentional living.


8-Week Wealth Builder Program ON SALE NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME!!!

If you’re not already as wealthy as you would like to be, then more than likely you’re living under at least one of the following circumstances:

You’re in a job that you may or may not enjoy and there is no chance for you to create real wealth in this job.

You already work more than 40 hours a week and still don’t have enough money to make the life you want.

You’re trying to create freedom and abundance in your life but everything you try just seems to suck up more time and money instead of making it.

First… It’s important to recognize that prosperity is an INSIDE job – it’s your thoughts, feelings, and even your non-financial choices that shape what you have in your life.

The old operating system that’s the source of your current results will always continue to deliver the exact same results!

We will not change our reality until we change our programming by becoming aware of what’s going on inside us.

Hi! I’m Intuitive Wealth & Abundance Coach, Cindy Brown, and for over a decade now, I’ve helped over 26,000 clients across the globe transform their money relationship and level up their lives from merely “getting by” or surviving to being expansive and thriving!

And what I’ve discovered over the years is that to find the most success, most people prefer to work with someone who knows that our blocks, patterns and programs affect our relationship with money. This creates our reality.

You need someone who can see your blind spots for what they really are!

Most people know they have the skill set and the passion to make it happen… So what is it that they’re missing? What can’t they see?

That’s why I created my 8-Week Wealth Builder Group Coaching Program and reopened the doors for a short time!




Have you made a certain amount of money and then convinced yourself that there’s no way you could ever make more than that?

Does it seem like whenever you make money, you can never seem to keep it while trying to make more?

Are you feeling like you’ve been stuck at the same financial level for what seems like forever and nothing’s ever going to change?

What you may not realize is that you’ve energetically capped off your income level and MADE yourself uncomfortable in the energy of having “more”. Let’s blast that junk away!

Join me in this month’s Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series where we’ll clear the blocks that keep you feeling stuck at a certain income level.

In this LIVE masterclass you can:

~ Make the conscious decision that you’re ready to receive more and create a limitless life.

~ Uncover the hidden stories that keep you playing smaller than you know you are.

~ Revise the income goals you set for yourself to match your new abundant outlook on your income.


Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series:

Want to keep your abundance and energy flowing all year long? Join me for all 12 of my Masterclasses (one each month) for the rest of 2022!

Learn More About Masterclasses HERE

Wealth Builder: Living in a State of Abundance


What does wealth mean to you? Is it satisfaction in your career, financial success or just having the freedom of time to focus on what matters? Let’s dig into this multi-dimensional topic and identify what’s blocking you so you can live a life of abundance beyond your wildest dreams!

Kickstart your wealth creation strategies designed to get you moving forward towards your financial goals in the quickest way possible.

Do you want more money, but you’re tired of putting your time, energy, and talents towards someone else’s dreams according to their plan?

Are you looking for a real change in your life but it’s just not happening on its own?

Your biggest barrier standing between you and your wealth creation is your belief system.

That’s why I created this 8-Week Wealth Builder program. This program helps you take charge of your own wealth based on your personal vision for how you could live, what you really desire, and who you actually want to be.

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