Are you ready to become the best version of you?

Confident, empowered and financially free… You deserve a truly abundant life.

Let’s blast away any abundance-blocking junk that gets in your way while becoming the kickass, wealth-creator that you are!

Let’s totally transform your money belief system, deepen your vision for who you are in business, and make enormous leaps of progress in both self worth AND net worth!


Jan 20 2022 8pm CST:


We’re kicking off 2022 in high gear and starting it RIGHT by setting our bold, UNSTOPPABLE goals and intentions from the very beginning!

No procrastinating…

No “setting and forgetting”…

No wishy-washy, “I don’t know what I want” energy…

You want money. You set a goal and you make it happen.

Join me in this month’s Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series where we’re going to map out a clear view of what your precise target is and how you’re going to make it happen. Let’s release any blocks, patterns, and programs that get in your way of your success.

In this LIVE masterclass you can:

~ Define your real intentions for the wealth and abundance you want to create.

~ Shift your belief system of how much you can accomplish towards your goals with the correct strategy and mindset.

~ Create a strategy for your financial and money matters.

Feb 17 2022 8pm CST:

When you think about money, is your first thought about how you’re going to multiply and magnify it? Or is your first thought about how fast it will leave your account?

Between bills, expenses, and just daily life… money sometimes has a way of slipping through your fingers.

Join me in this month’s Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series where we’re going to deep dive into your hidden judgements, doubts, and fears about money. Let’s transform into the Money Magnet that you are.

In this LIVE masterclass you can:

~ Uncover where your money is stuck in the “money-in/money-out” cycle and clear it.

~ Align your intentions and actions to open up the abundant flow of money into your life.

~Understand how your environment is affecting your money and how to filter out what’s not profitable to your life.

Mar 17 2022 8pm CST:

Do you feel like the “big wins” intended for you must have been sent to someone else by mistake?

Have you ever looked back at opportunities you missed and options you didn’t take because you were afraid to fail and wondered, “Could THAT have been the WIN I was looking for?”

Have you ever had a moment of regret for backing away, shutting down, or quitting when things that COULD have brought you wealth and abundance got challenging or scary?

Join me in this month’s Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series and learn how to tap into the vibration that keeps you aligned with profit.

In this LIVE masterclass you can:

~ Uncover and release the silly stories of doubt and regret that keep you feeling like winning must not be for you.

~ Reframe your feelings and emotions regarding past losses or chaos around money in your life and learn that “failure” is simply a redirection to your true abundance.

~ Revise how you approach your choices so that you’re never stuck in a situation where an obstacle can’t be seen as an opportunity to gain profits in some way.

Apr 21 2022 8pm CST:

Ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?”

Why are you the one always sitting on the sidelines and cheering for everybody else?

Why are you the one always looking for inspiration instead of BEING the inspiration?

Is FEAR keeping you from being seen? Are you actually HIDING from your goals and dreams?

I’ve seen clients unconsciously hide from their goals and dreams because they’re afraid to take on the responsibility of everything that comes along with achieving them.

Join us in this month’s Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series where we clear your fear of being seen so you can step into your bold, new life in the biggest, most expansive way possible.

In this LIVE masterclass you can:

~ Gain unimaginable confidence that allows you to be able to show up for yourself.

~ Discover all the places in your life you’re hiding from being successful and pinpoint what you really want in those areas.

~ Start leading your life full-on with no doubts and no regrets.

MAY 19 2022 8pm CST:

Is it hard for you to ask someone for something you want or need?

Does reaching out and asking make you feel uncomfortable? Do you worry that you’ll get a ‘no’ if you ask so you just never do? Do you hate to ask for things because you don’t want to ‘owe’ anybody anything?

What are you afraid of?

If you don’t follow your guidance and take action, you’re shutting off your flow of abundance.

Wouldn’t life be more fun if you actually went for it and asked for what you wanted?

Join me in this month’s Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series and discover where you stop yourself from asking and how it’s negatively impacting your wealth.

In this LIVE masterclass you can:

~ Reframe and realign your beliefs around asking to make it easy to access the flow of wealth in your life.

~ Remove old stories and patterns from your past to become a better asker.

~ Gain confidence in knowing that you will receive what you ask for when you’re totally aligned.

JUNE 16 2022 8pm CST:

One of the hardest things to do is try to focus on creating a life of abundance and wealth when nothing in your life supports the idea of you having it!

Join me in this month’s Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series where we’ll clear the energy you’ve pushed down deep inside you that doesn’t make it feel safe to create the life you want and stops you from showing up as the real YOU!

In this LIVE masterclass you can:

~ Gain clarity on what it means to live a wealthy life for you.

~ Learn how to align your current thoughts and actions with those of your Infinite Self and make choices and decisions that profit you.

~ Learn how to ensure all your actions are in line with YOUR ultimate goals.

JULY 21 2022 8pm CST:

Has there ever been a time where you received more than you expected and it made you feel guilty?

Does the thought of raking in massive amounts of money excite you in your mind but then almost immediately, that little voice pops up and says you don’t deserve to have it?

Of course you deserve to have it all!

Join us in this month’s Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series where we’ll clear away all the energetic junk that keeps you from receiving. If you’re someone who’s constantly wishing for things and not getting them, this is for you.

In this LIVE masterclass you can:

~ Get to the bottom of why you shy away from receiving.

~ Locate all the opportunities in your life you’re currently hiding from because you’re afraid to receive.

~ Learn how to align yourself with your true goals so that you can feel good receiving and know it leads to your ultimate outcome.

AUGUST 18 2022 8pm CST:

Have you ever seen something you wanted initially, but then someone questioned it and you convinced yourself you’re not worthy of having it so you stopped trying to go for it?

It’s hard to keep wealth if you’re constantly feeling less than.

If you’ve noticed a cycle of gaining and losing money and abundance, your self-worth could the reason.

Join me in this month’s Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series where you’re going to gain a deeper understanding of why you’re worthy enough to receive all the wealth and abundance you desire.

In this LIVE masterclass you can:

~ Recognize your worthiness to truly have everything you want and desire in this lifetime.

~ Learn how to see profitable opportunities all around you and take advantage of them.

~ Clear away any doubts that are in the way of you claiming the wealth that you’re worthy of.

SEPTEMBER 15 2022 8pm CST:

Do you notice money patterns showing up in your life that keep playing out over and over again and nothing ever changes, shifts, or upgrades?

Does it always seem like there’s never enough money no matter how hard you work?

Have you ever felt a twinge of shame, guilt, anger, or jealousy when other people brag about having the money that you don’t?

What if I told you that all of your junk is a result of old stories from your childhood that you took in as truth and that’s why you feel so stuck in your wealth creation.

Join us in this month’s Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series where we’re going to deep dive into the most common false beliefs about having money and wealth. Let’s see which ones you carry from the past that are still affecting your bank account today.

In this LIVE masterclass you can:

~ Get to the root of the false money beliefs you have and why you remain connected to them today.

~ Understand the emotional attachments you have to your old money stories and revise them to benefit your new money story.

~ Shift into more empowering money beliefs so you can change your life and upgrade your money story for good.

OCTOBER 20 2022 8pm CST:

Have you made a certain amount of money and then convinced yourself that there’s no way you could ever make more than that?

Does it seem like whenever you make money, you can never seem to keep it while trying to make more?

Are you feeling like you’ve been stuck at the same financial level for what seems like forever and nothing’s ever going to change?

What you may not realize is that you’ve energetically capped off your income level and MADE yourself uncomfortable in the energy of having “more”. Let’s blast that junk away!

Join me in this month’s Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series where we’ll clear the blocks that keep you feeling stuck at a certain income level.

In this LIVE masterclass you can:

~ Make the conscious decision that you’re ready to receive more and create a limitless life.

~ Uncover the hidden stories that keep you playing smaller than you know you are.

~ Revise the income goals you set for yourself to match your new abundant outlook on your income.

NOVEMBER 17 2022 8pm CST:

It’s a popular theory that your income is more than likely the average of that of your 5 closest friends. Have you heard that?

… Do you have friends or family in your environment that are always complaining about this thing or that thing?

… Do you have friends or family in your environment that are never satisfied with where they are so they never seem to move forward?

… Do you have friends or family in your environment that keep trying to pull you back into cycles and patterns that no longer suit the type of life you’re trying to build?

Maybe your social circle could use an upgrade if they’re not walking a similar path as you.

Nothing feels worse than working hard and experiencing a big win from it then feeling weird about it because you can’t share your wins with those closest to you for fear of making them feel bad.

Join us in this month’s LIVE masterclass where you’ll shift through the social influences in your life and decide if they’re draining you or if they’re profitable to you.

In this LIVE masterclass you can:

~ Create a personal intuitive system to determine whether or not someone or something is profitable to your life or draining it.

~ Give yourself permission to choose your circle based on your forward moving progress instead of your past history.

~ Figure out what qualities and traits you want to surround yourself with in your social circle and uncover what energies you need to radiate to attract it.

DECEMBER 15 2022 8pm CST:

Today, it’s time to choose your dreams. No excuses!

… NO ONE can tell you what you need to be happy!

… NO ONE can make you take action toward your goals!

… NO ONE can give you the fulfillment and gratification of seeing the life you planned and executed play out in front of you piece by piece!

YOU create that!

Join me in this month’s Increase Your Abundance Masterclass Series and learn how to use these intuitive tools to keep money and wealth coming at you from all directions because of the abundant choices YOU make. Come see how different your life could be when all of your choices are directed towards your abundance!

In this LIVE masterclass you can:

~ Start seeing HUGE gains in your life by learning how to filter through the most profitable things in your life to choose.

~ Take your money-magnetism to the next level without compromising your goals and integrity in the process.

~ Understand that you are 100% capable of taking massive action and making big money moves to create the life and wealth you desire.