Do you have a ToDo list that never seems to get done? Have you started projects but never seem to complete them? Do you get so overwhelmed you do nothing? Let’s face it…we’ve all been there at some point! Why not enjoy life because you finally let it go?!

Join me as we turn your ToDo List to a TADA List and clear the blocks that prevent you from getting it done!

In this event you can:

  • Break free of the procrastination patterns and excuses that stop you and finally cross off that list!
  • Clear the “I’ll do it tomorrow” stories and make it happen today!
  • Let go of the shame, guilt and the beating yourself up that goes along with it!

“F” Your Fear

Are there parts of your life that you want different, but won’t go for it because of your “what ifs” and fear? Do you really want to go for something more in your life but you stay stuck?…What if I fail? What if they don’t accept me? What if….bla bla bla! Do you realize that this is old patterns,  programs, and trauma that you can get rid of?

Join me as we flip your Fear to Fearless and clear the blocks that keep you playing small and stuck. Be empowered!

In this event you can:

  • Turn your “ok life” to an amazing life!
  • Step outside the box that you put yourself in and really shine that bright light of yours! Become fearless!
  • Learn how to make bold choices for yourself based on your truth!

Turn Your OR to AND!

Why settle for this OR that…when you can have this AND that?

Are you living your life from an OR place instead of an AND place? I have found with so many of my clients that once we cleared this block it seemed as though their whole world opened up to infinite possibilities.

Join me as we turn your limited thinking, beliefs and choices to AND! AND! AND! Doesn’t that sound better?

In this event you can:

  • Clear the blocks and patterns that keep you limited!
  • Reshape your reality to infinite choices and possibilities!
  • Turn your life from “Limiting” to LimitLESS!

 Love, Life, and Happy Relationships

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, things just don’t seem to add up in the relationship department? Or like life seems to have a funny way of showing us the things we want but can’t seem to obtain? We are taught by our parents, books, movies, and society what love is supposed to be. Love looks different for everyone, we are all individuals that have different needs and desires.

Why not clear the blocks that stop you from having relationships that fulfill and support you? Let’s discover what love is for you!

Join me as we dig in and clear the thoughts, patterns and beliefs that are stopping you from having love YOUR way!

In this event you can:

  • Clear the patterns and beliefs of what love is and what love isn’t for you!
  • Release the blocks that you can’t have or deserve the kind of relationship that you desire!
  • Fill in with the love that will fulfill and support!