From the eye-rolling of family and friends to the constant running around and materialism, the holidays can feel like a challenge. Holiday stress is as common as turkey, traditions and tacky sweaters. Holiday confidence? Not that common!

Even if we love the season and all it brings, the seasonal pressure to perform can really add up and make the holidays more taxing than they need to be. 

Many people have to deal with entirely too much during this season, whether due to actual hardship or just their own blocks and resistance to feeling good.

You may feel like there’s no escape from the expectations of your family, money worries, spending too much time decorating, cooking and running errands, packing on extra holiday weight, and spending more than expected on gifts. 

If you are sick of having to “keep up” with everyone else, it’s time to take a deep breath and ask yourself, what is it that YOU want to experience this holiday season?

This masterclass will help you release any blocks you have around feeling abundant during this time of year! It will also give you some great tips on how to keep your balance between being frugal and having fun! Enjoy the abundant holiday season you deserve! :)