The holidays often bring out the best in us and our families. They’re a time to come together, celebrate and reconnect. But this season can also be stressful, uncomfortable, and bring up our own stuff so we can feel anxious, overwhelmed or just plain unhappy.

Let’s just be honest – it’s a time of mixed emotions. Some of us are perfectly content with “the holidays”, while some of us have been driven to tears by the pressures and expectations. 

Feeling like the Grinch who stole Christmas because the holidays come with so much extra “work”. Hectic schedules. Financial strain . Shopping for gifts can feel like breaking into Fort Knox, yet we still try to keep up with the Joneses. And then there is the extra stress and resentment that comes from all that overspending.

Many people have to deal with entirely too much during this season, whether due to actual hardship or just their own blocks and resistance to feeling good. 

This Masterclass will help you release any blocks you have around feeling abundant during this time of year and also provide tips on how to keep your balance between frugality and fun.

The holidays are an intense time of year that can be exhilarating or exhausting, depending on how well you handle it. Many of us go into overdrive to ensure we get ready for the holidays. You’re expected to act, feel, and think in a certain way – even if at odds with your own values. This is what causes stress, anxiety and just all-round holiday heaviness.

You’re not alone. Tons of people are haunted by feelings of obligation, shame and fear around the holidays. You’ve tried to let go of them, but somehow you’re still stuck in a rut of consumerism, judgment and pressure to keep up with others. 

If you suffer from anxiety or sadness around the holidays, or believe they simply aren’t your thing, Handling The Holidays Confidently is for you. 

This masterclass with Cindy will teach you how to access your inner voice and get calm amidst the chaos that so often surrounds this glorious time of year.

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