The struggle. It’s real and you’re probably not aware that this is even happening. It’s the reason you feel like you’re totally out of control with your finances even though you work on them all the time.

Those fears, limiting beliefs and subconscious thoughts are manifesting in your daily experiences with money. They’re your money blocks.

And there are layers and layers of them buried inside you.

By identifying and peeling back these layers, you will eliminate them as well as the related emotions that come up as a result of feeling powerless around money.

If you have a hard time attracting money and keeping it, if you have limited amount of money no matter how much work you put in…If you’re feeling stuck in your wealth journey and don’t know why, THIS MASTERCLASS IS FOR YOU!

Cindy is going to help you take action so you can finally uncover all your wealth-blocking BS, switch on your abundance vibe, attune to yourself, turn up the energy and remove blame so you are clear to create anything else!