What does wealth mean to you? Is it satisfaction in your career, financial success or just having the freedom of time to focus on what matters? Let’s dig into this multi-dimensional topic and identify what’s blocking you so you can live a life of abundance beyond your wildest dreams!

8-week Program

Week 1.) Know Your Numbers:  Set yourself up for success!

Week 2.) Level Up: Raise your $ ceiling and Set your target!

Week 3.) Consistent & Persistent: Action plan and follow through creates change.

Week 4.) $ Stream: Open up your money flow.

Week 5.) You have the power:  Let’s use your super powers to get paid your worth!!

Week 6.)  Solutions: Options and Opportunities!

Week 7.) $ Vibe: Rewire your vibe to a wealthy mindset.

Week 8.) Show me the $:  Go get what’s yours!

What you get:

Weekly video

Weekly  Q & A on GotoWebinar + MP3 recording in case you can’t attend live


Weekly Prize

Private Facebook group

Me (Cindy) answering your questions in FB

Amazing Group Energy

This program is for action takers who really want change and are willing to put in the work to release their money blocks, take action and create an abundant life. Let’s do this!

Starts: January 21, 2022