By the end of this replay, you’ll be thinking, “I love myself, I put myself first and I am completely filled in and filled up with me!”

Part of the reason that you are leaking energy is because you are putting others needs and wants in front of your own.

When you put yourself first and you are completely filled in, you make choices and decisions based on your truth and happiness. You then control your destiny. Everyone else’s opinions and points of view cannot sway you from following your path.

This replay is for you if….

  • you feel like you have to put everyone else first, as their needs are more important
  • you put everyone else’s needs in front of your own to keep the peace
  • deep down, you think people will like/love you more if you put yourself last (“it’s the right thing to do”)
  • you put them first because that’s your way of “helping” them
  • you blame others for your unhappiness and feeling depleted instead of really taking charge of your life