Surprise! Becoming wealthy does NOT start in your wallet.

It starts in your heart (intuition). ❤️ But there’s a problem:

You may have deep-seated blocks, beliefs, and patterns stopping you from connecting to the money-making superpower of your intuition.

That’s where Reset for Riches comes in. You’ll be able to clear those blocks, beliefs, and patterns that have been getting in your way!

What you’ll find inside the Reset for Riches recordings

You asked the universe for help…and the universe sent you here.

Hi! I’m Cindy Brown, an intuitive Wealth and Abundance coach.

My style is direct, loving, and no fluff. So in that spirit, here’s what you simply must know about me:

✨ I’ve led over 26,000 personal sessions worldwide with people who were DONE with the excuses, stories, and old programming that were holding them back.

✨ Using my intuition, I can detect in 2 seconds what a client’s “deal” is…and then we clear and transmute that belief.

✨ I firmly believe that the first step to cultivating wealth and abundance is to identify and release the layers of old beliefs, blocks, and patterns you’ve unconsciously held onto since before you were 7 years old—otherwise, you’ll struggle

The Reset for Riches recordings will lead you through the exact exercises I use with all my clients to clear their path to wealth. It all starts here.