Wealth Builder 2.0

Are you ready to take your wealth building to the next level?

If so, you’re in the right place.

You’re invited to join me in Wealth Builder 2.0, where we take your Wealth Building to 2.0

In this 4 week program we will build on the foundation you built in Wealth Builder and keep it going.!

Wealth Builder 2.0

Starts: Jan 5, 2024

What We’ll Cover:

Week 1) Drop Your Security Blanket!

Week 2) What’s Your Offer?

Week 3) Play A Bigger Game! Go All In!

Week 4) Persistent Powerhouse: Just Do It!

Bonus: Bold and Powerful You Bundle!

What You Get:

  • Weekly Audio and teach in (Value $497)
  • Weekly Q&A on GotoWebinar + MP3 recording if you can’t attend live.(Value $388)
  • Playbook (Value $300)
  • Private Facebook Lounge (Value $597)….w/Direct Guidance from Cindy ($2192)
  • Bonus: Bold and Powerful You Bundle! (Value $291)

Total Value : $4264 ~~~~ Yours for only $1111

BONUS: For quick action takers: Purchase by Nov 8, 11:59pm CDT

Receive 100 money clearings!


Use coupon code: QuickAction and receive $200 off.

This is what past students had to say:

What specific goal were you able to make happen by the end of this 4-Week Journey of Wealth Builder 2.0?

~Dedicated updated list of to dos and goals with specific steps to accomplish my dreams.

~To Receive money easily and freely. Nice

~By the end of 4 weeks, I created 4 months equivalent of IT job salary in my Coaching business. Biggest win Indian clients investing in my sessions at dollar value.

~Some amazing things that happened nearing the end of WB2 a personal family relationship got healed after 2 years of not talking (it totally mended a friend booked a coaching session with me…one my credit limits on my card’s got raised over $1,000 over night…and I sold a set of crystals that I’ve had for over a year so all in all amazingness…thank you <3

Would you recommend this course to a friend? If yes, what would you tell them?

~Absolutely! Cindy has great practical advice that when applied brings RESULTS!!

~Yes, Cindy is the best, the course has the best tools to improve one’s life

~Yes, Cindy is a real deal. By doing Cindy’s wealth builder courses, I have cleared generational deep rooted money blocks. Gave me a clean slate to create the desired number.

~1 1,000% would yes <3. That WB gives you the confidence to put yourself out there and go after what you truly want <3 It helps you to get over major abundance blocks…and elevate even more

~Fabulous encouragement with no nonsense let’s get GOING!! I love that Cindy helped me see the next steps and to keep going.

~World class and next level coaching. Love everything.

~I cannot thank you enough for all the love you put into your courses. It feels like we are all seen and get what we need to upgrade…thank you so much…I wish it was longer <3

What would you like to say to someone who is on the fence of signing up?

~Do it

~It’s a no-brainer. Money is the root cause of everything. If you clear all money blocks, your life gets better, your relationship with self & others is excellent.


Wealth Builder 2.0

Full Pay $1111.00