Your money ceiling? Let’s shatter it.

You’re only a few bold moves away from the financial breakthrough you crave. Wealth Builder is where you discover the abundance strategies that turn income limits into a launchpad to wealth.

You’re pulsing with passion and loaded with skills. You hustle harder than a barista during pumpkin spice latte season. So why are your money vibes more “decaf” than “double shot”?

You know your financial woes aren’t the result of laziness—you’re working harder than ever. You know they don’t stem from those occasional “add to cart” moments during your lunch break. (That purple sequined jumpsuit was just a one-time lapse in judgment! You swear!)

You can’t seem to figure out the cause, but you sure know the result:

Your damn life is on layaway. Dream vacations to Bali? Postponed. Those gorgeous red-bottomed shoes? Backordered. Date night at the Michelin star restaurant? Rain-checked.

(And even if you could afford those things, when would you find the time? All you do is work!)

Your dreams, desires, and high-vibe lifestyle are on permanent hold. And if you’re reading this, I know you’re done with just surviving—you want to be thriving. So what’s stopping you?

The real tea is: you’re up against a money ceiling.

What’s a money ceiling? It’s simple:

Somewhere along the way, you imprinted beliefs about how much money you’re “allowed” to have. This psychological limit is your money ceiling.

It starts to form when you’re young + you hear things like:

“Only the rich get richer.”

“Only doctors deserve to make money.”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Or maybe you watched your parents pinch pennies, judge others for their spending, or put your family in financial jeopardy.

These experiences, beliefs, and patterns created ugly money blocks that have cooled and hardened into a concrete ceiling of financial limitation.

But the truly diabolical part of the money ceiling isn’t actually the limit.

It’s the self-sabotage. 💥

Your money ceiling is obsessed with keeping you small in the name of “safety.” So it practically chases away the gifts, bonuses, new opportunities, and blessings that come your way.

Extra money? Yeah right. This is when “random” expenses and emergencies (the AC goes out on a 110° day, the dog eats a big ball of hair ties) pop out from behind a bush and eat all that money up.

It’s a low voice whispering to you, “Seek less, want less, BE less.”

Every time the ceiling wins, you’re handing it yet another brick that’s crushing your dreams, one concrete slab at a time.

So what does it take to shatter a money ceiling?

A jackhammer made of love, light, intuition, and abundance strategies.

Want one? Because once you’ve cracked open that ceiling…a life awaits you where no financial dream is too high.


Wealth Builder

A transformative 8-week group coaching program that doesn’t hand you a map to wealth and wave bye-bye—it slips you right into the pilot’s seat of your own golden jet so you can head for bigger, bolder financial skies.

Wealth Builder #Wins

“So I quit my full-time job in July 2021 to be a full-time coach.

I took Wealth Builder not long after that, and I 18x my income in October 2022.

I realized that by focusing on group coaching, I get to multiply my income easily & unlimitedly, and lessen my actual time working with clients. Basically, I only work like 2-3 days a week now. The rest of the time, I get to go on vacation, go to the cinema , spend time with my family and friends, learn new things, and do all the fun stuff. I actually just came back from Singapore last week, and I’m going on a beach vacation end of this month. It’s really too good to be true (but it’s true ).

I have abundance of testimonials from my happy & satisfied clients, both written and videos.

These all happened after I cleared the deepest, darkest stuff, even the ones that were really hard to admit myself, with the help of Cindy and a few amazing friends that were & are on the I am so excited for every one on this group to transform their lives too, because the tools really 1000% work!”


Here’s what awaits you in Wealth Builder …

Week #1: Know Your Numbers + Set Yourself Up for Success

Confession time: you’ve been hiding from knowing your numbers, haven’t you? That ends in week one, where you’ll figure out how much money is coming in and going out. You’ll find out how to turn that dreaded chore into a celebration where you bask in the joy of financial clarity.

Week #2: Level Up! Raise Your $ Ceiling + Set Your Target

This is when we take that jackhammer to your money ceiling. (Good riddance!) Yes, we’re going to find, clear, and delete your money blocks. But even better than that? You’re going to set your money targets higher than ever.

Week #3: Consistent + Persistent! Action Plan + Follow Through Creates Change

In wealth-building, consistency is your secret sauce. It’s not about adding a dash of this or a sprinkle of that; it’s about getting that recipe just right, every. single. time. This week, we’ll perfect that money-making mixture for steady and delicious results.

Week #4: $ Stream: Open Up Your Money Flow

Does money only drip-drip into your bank account? This week, we’re energetically twisting that tap open and letting it flow with powerful visualization exercises. There’s no more time for trickling, we have wealth to build!

Week #5: You Have The Power: Let’s Use Your Super Powers To Get Paid Your Worth!!

Hidden talents and secret superpowers aren’t just for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This week, we’ll uncover your unique gifts and how they’re your ticket to wealth. It’s time to let your inner genius shine and show you the way to get paid what you’re truly worth.

Week #6: Solutions: Options + Opportunities!

Today we’re going to reset your dial from “no” energy to “YES!” energy—turning you into a magnet for abundance. As you align yourself with that magnetic force, opportunities won’t just knock on your door—they’ll barge right in, demanding to elevate your game.

Week #7: $ Vibe: Rewire Your Vibe To A Wealthy Mindset

It’s time to flick the switch and light up your wealth vibe—and that’s the only thing we’re doing this week. You’ll not only visualize, you’ll also embody this rich new life you’re unlocking. Rewiring your vibe will allow you to truly feel, experience, and BE in that luxurious space 24/7.

Week #8: Show me the $: Go get what’s yours!

For the grand finale, you’re going to draft your 2-month plan—or should I call it a treasure map? Every X will mark a new money milestone, and you’ll see the path to get there. With each step you take, you’ll be asserting your worth and cementing your financial future.

These are the building blocks of Wealth Builder:

8 Weekly Audio Teach-Ins (value: $997): These are your fluff-free masterclasses in money mastery, direct to your ears each week. Listen and learn in whichever setting you prefer, whenever you want.

8 LIVE Weekly Group Q+A Sessions (value: $776): You’ll get direct access to me, Cindy—your favorite intuitive wealth and abundance coach. I give it to you straight, but infuse it with kindness—the clarity you need, in the supportive way you deserve. And if a session slips by you? Replays are available the next day.

A Swag Bag of Essentials (value: $597): From playbooks to downloads, I’ve packed Wealth Builder with resources to keep you organized so you can take laser-focused action.

Our Exclusive Facebook Lounge (value: $597): Welcome to the VIP club for unapologetic, wealth-building go-getters like you. It’s a judgment-free zone where you can get loving support and celebration.

Direct Guidance on Facebook (value: $4192): Stuck? Confused? Or just need a no-BS answer? Post in the group and I’ll be there with to-the-point, compassionate insights that get you right back on track.

Group Energy That Illuminates (value: priceless!): Together, we create an atmosphere that’s as motivating as it is nurturing. In this group, we don’t just chase success, we illuminate each other’s paths to true abundance.

What They’re Saying About Wealth Builder

Hey there! I’m Cindy, the Intuitive Wealth and Abundance coach who’s unlocked abundance in 26,000+ one-on-one sessions (and counting!)

Glad to see you here, Wealth Builder! I’m Cindy Brown, and I wanna take you on a magic carpet ride to wealth. (Too weird? I hope not. Because I LOVE to have fun—and there’s nothing more fun than making money. Nothing. Well. Don’t tell my husband I said that 😂)

My style is direct, loving, and no fluff. So in that spirit, here’s my highlight reel:

✨ I’ve led over 26,000 personal sessions with people who were DONE with the excuses, stories, and old programming that were holding them back.

✨ Using my intuition, I can detect in 2 seconds what a client’s “deal” is…and then we clear and transmute across all time, space, dimensions, and realities. I’ll be harnessing that intuition for the collective benefit of the group, identifying general blocks and patterns, and working to clear them.

✨ I firmly believe that the first step to cultivating wealth and abundance is to identify and release the layers of old beliefs, blocks, and patterns you’ve unconsciously held onto since before you were 7 years old. Addressing and releasing these is crucial!

Imagine getting guidance from someone who’s helped countless people navigate the journey to wealth and abundance. I’m told it feels like riding in a Range Rover on a tropical island—you’re cocooned in comfort no matter how rough the terrain.

Isn’t it time you shattered that money ceiling?

You’re only a few bold moves away from the financial breakthrough you crave. Wealth Builder is where you discover the abundance strategies that turn income limits into a launchpad to wealth.

8 Weekly Audio Teach-Ins (Value: $997)

8 LIVE Weekly Group Q+A Sessions with Cindy (Value: $776)

PDFs, Playbooks, and Other Resources (Value: $597)

Our Exclusive Facebook Group (Value: $597)…w/ Direct Guidance from Cindy ($4192)

Total: $7159 —Yours for only $2499!

More Wealth Builder #Wins!

Here’s what happens after you enroll today


Click the Shatter My Money Ceiling button on this page, enter your payment details, and “YES! You’re a Wealth Builder now!”


The first module drops hotter than a Rihanna album on May 3rd! The content will be dripped out to you over the course of 8 weeks, so you never have to feel overwhelmed. (And if you do, we’ll clear it during one of our Q+A sessions.)


By the end of the 8 weeks, you’ll be rewired for full-body and full-wallet abundance. Making money will feel easy and good, and you’ll have a process for overcoming blocks that pop up going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

+When does Wealth Builder start?

The first module drops on May 3, 2024 and goes for 8 weeks.

+Is Wealth Builder a course or a group coaching program?

It’s both—the best kind of program! Each week you’ll have an audio module to listen to and a playbook to complete. Weekly group Q+A sessions will help keep you on track and accountable.

+What if I can’t make the live Q+As?

No worries! The day after, I’ll upload a replay of the Q+A so you can soak up the wisdom from other participants’ journeys and benefit from the energy clearings.

+What if I fall behind?

There’s no such thing as falling behind in Wealth Builder! You’ll have lifetime access to the materials, so you can go at your own pace. Better “late” than never.

+Should I join Wealth Builder? I’m not sure because _________________________

A big part of Wealth Builder is cultivating your intuition and learning to trust it. What does your gut tell you? Will this profit you monetarily and emotionally more than you spend?

How to know if Wealth Builder is perfect for you…

This IS for you if:

  • You want to be wealthy—without the hustle and heartache
  • You’re an unapologetic go-getter who wants to live in “Yes!” energy
  • You thrive when you have live coaching and accountability

It’s probably NOT for you if:

  • You need one-on-one support
  • You need a quick fix like yesterday
  • You don’t have time
  • It would be a financial hardship for you

Isn’t it time you shattered that money ceiling?

You’re only a few bold moves away from the financial breakthrough you crave. Wealth Builder is where you discover the abundance strategies that turn income limits into a launchpad to wealth.

8 Weekly Audio Teach-Ins (Value: $997)

8 LIVE Weekly Group Q+A Sessions with Cindy (Value: $776)

PDFs, Playbooks, and Other Resources (Value: $597)

Our Exclusive Facebook Group (Value: $597)…w/ Direct Guidance from Cindy ($4192)

Total:$7159 Yours for only $2499! (No Refunds)

All right, hotshot—I’ll put it on the line for you:

Do you want to stay stuck in the hustle and heartache, hunched under a money ceiling that’s keeping you wildly unfulfilled?

Or do you want to be able to look back at 2024 as the year you took a jackhammer to that money ceiling—and blasted off on a launchpad to wealth?